So you have always had the desire to run your own B&B or
perhaps you just want to earn a little extra income with an
asset you already have - your home or you have a 2nd home
that sits unused much of the year.  Doing short-terms vacation
or business traveler's rentals is a great way to earn extra
income.  If this sounds like something you would like to do but
are not sure where to start, we are here to help.
looking for a short-term rental, whether it is creating vacation memories or a someone traveling on business. The trick is making your
space appealing to your guest from the get go, from their first visit to your space online.  It doesn't stop there though - that appeal has to
something great for both you and your guests.  We have gone from your typical landlord leasing year-round rentals with all the headaches
that entails to short-term rentals and love it.  We generally love the guests that come to visit and we certainly enjoy the added income, but
keep in mind you are not going to love everyone and everyone is not going to love you - that is simply human nature and life.  The beauty of
the short-term rental business is that all our guest leave eventually - most you will be sorry to see leave but a few you will be anxious to get
out the door - but again that is definitely very few and the minority.  That is the beauty of this business, ask any full-time landlord who knows
what it is stuck to be with a tenant for a year!

So who are you?  Are you a young professional that needs a little extra income to help pay the mortgage, an empty nester with way too
many rooms in that big, now empty and far too quiet home, a landlord tired of the landlord/tenant situation that often favors only the tenant,
the owner of a 2nd home who needs some help offsetting the expenses - you can be anyone, for any reason and this can work for you!  
Short-term rentals often and usually net higher profit margins than long term leases and unlike long term leases you only have to rent when
you choose to, you can block out dates that are inconvenient for you or times in your life you simply want peace and guiet.

We have done this for 4 years now and don't regret one single minute of it!  My only regret is that I went into it blind and made some
mistakes along the way - not too many but some.  Why start off blind when you can learn from our expertise and experience?  We can help
you from your online presence, to staging your property (very inexpensively), what guests are looking for, what works and most importantly
what does not work.  This month alone we will have 76 guests passing through our doors and 99% of the time we receive 5 Star reviews.  
Please feel free to see our Google and Airbnb reviews - we are very proud of them - we worked hard for them!

website for guests to visit to see your properties or space in more detail.  We can show you how to get those 5 star ratings from the We
can help you develop that online presence through the many short term rental sites and also recommend you also have your own beginning
by showing you through our years of experience what guests are truly looking for.  We will assist you in your pricing strategies and do a
market analysis for you to help you come up with a price that works for you and gets your place rented.  We will help you come up with
captivating content that converts browsers into renters, a detailed write-up of what needs to be done to make your property desirable, etc.

Our prices are reasonable and start at $199.00 for a one on one consultation.  We too love to travel but if you are beyond a 40 mile radius
of Bridgton, Maine it is necessary that we charge a travel fee, but we can eliminate that travel fee if we do more than one consultation in
your area - so tell your friends about us too!
We serve most areas in Maine, Massachusetts & New Hampshire!
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