Denmark Stage Stop House
Overnight Boarding For Your Horse
All horse must have proof of current vaccinations and negative coggins.
Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

We are very excited to offer this service starting this year.  This applies to pasture boarding only, no
stalls available and is only available through October 10, 2016.  
We will have an opening for 1 stall with unlimited turnout from late fall until May, 2017.  Please
contact us directly for more details if interested
wood horse fencing, with electric as and additional safeguard.  The rate for this service is
$25.00/day.  All rules must be followed, most importantly on-loading and off-loading of your horse
must be done within the fenced area.  Parking for your horse trailer available and included in price.

So whether you want to travel to this area and include your horse in the experience or you live local
especially helpful if your horse is recovering from a bout of colic and needs some nice green grass
Rough Pasture Board
Access to your horse from 7 AM - 9 PM if you are not a guest of the Denmark Stage Stop House -
unless in the case of emergencies - 24 hr access.
 We have guests staying in our vacation 24 hours
supervision by

Safe Fencing - 5 board wood horse perimeter fencing and electric as an extra
24 Hour Supervision
- I have 25 years in the veterinary medicine field as a tech
and professional horse owner.
Water Access - 24 hours
Lush Green Well Maintained Pastures - only 2 horses per pasture.