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Town of Denmark Maine Petty Behavior
How stupid and petty as well as damaging to
my property - The Town of Denmark felt the
need to harass me just a little more this past
winter.  They used the town backhoe to
stockpile snow up and over my stonewall
crushing my lilac hedges, while they do not do
this to anyone else's property.  It is more
appropriately called intentional property
destruction!!!!!  They also continue to
barricade my barn doors preventing me access
to my horses to feed and care for them.
Horse jeopardized by Town of Denmark Maine
Town of Denmark Maine Jeopardizes horses well being
On February 16, 2017 after a storm of approximately 14 inches the town intentionally barricaded my barn doors with approxmately 5 ft. of tightly
packed snow, preventing me access to my barn and my 32 year old horse inside.  It took me 1.5 hours to clear enough snow to get into the barn to
check on his welfare and feed him.  They intentionally pack it in so tightly that it actually pushed the barn doors in jeopardizing the door itself.  I
called our Town Manager Chris who was hired to replace the Town Manager with integrity and wanted him to come see what the town had done now
and his response was maybe after 2:00 PM.  I explained I couldn't wait that long to feed and check on my horses welfare - he basically did not give a
rat's a$$, which came as no surprise to me.
Snow dumped in my yard by the Town
of Denmark with town's backhoe.
Runner absolutely dwarfed by
snowbanks created at my corner.
My hedges could never come
close to this - talk about
hindering site distances.
In 2010 the town's Planning Board
attempted to say I did not have the site
distances required although ENGINEERS
from MDOT proved and stated otherwise.  
The town then creates such a safety
hazard with huge snowbanks directly on
the corner that night is the safest time to
access this intersection as you can view
oncoming cars by viewing headlights on
the power lines.  With these huge
snowbanks during the day you have to
only hope for the past when departing this
Denmark Women Against Ice Cream!!
Just a quick note!  On June 29, 2017 I had my Board of Appeals site visit and public hearing.  It was nothing short of a joke and of course attended by the so-called
"Concerned Citizens" or as I like to refer to them the "Slick Six", "Slimy Six".  Let's have a name contest for them.  Some of the those that attended who came to make up stories
as though they actually had legitimate concerns.

Roger and Betty LeGoof
Judy Sarty
Jim and Chery Booker
OK that is 5 of them?  Who else - oh yes, Tracy Legere.  So funny that she would have concerns - think it has anything to do with her husband Don Legere, Transfer Station
Manager getting caught making false and malicious claims to DHHS about my business.  See an image of the formal letter he just received from the Town of Denmark,
admonishing him not allowing his appeal.  He lost one weeks pay - are you kidding me?  No doubt the continual slander by him directed towards me since at least 2015, the
first time he was caught, has cost me much more than one week of his pay.  He should have been terminated in my opinion - the first time and definitely terminated the 2nd
time.  I guess the third time will be a charm.

As mentioned prior this is not Legere's first time caught slandering and defaming me.  This time was quite serious and harmful, especially because I suspect he repeated these
lies to residents and visitors at the Transfer Station.  Actions such as this are undoubtedly reasons why we receive no local business over the years.  Please see the intake
report of his false, fictitious and malicious report to DHHS.  He has never since the day of opening in 2014 been to my property and never patronized my mobile eating place.  
Most telling that this is nothing short of malicious is that I had not even opened for the season yet when the complaint was made- in 2016 I opened on June 17, 2016. The
grapevine has it many think I should not have made another formal complaint about Legere but ask yourself this - what if it was done to you - repeatedly.  I found out it was
Legere through a Freedom of Information Act. Legere made the complaint anonymously but "forgot" to block his number and Town Manager Chris Loughlin confirmed it was
indeed Legere's cell phone number.

Note as the Town Manger Chris Loughlin did this was done on town property and while "on the clock" being paid by taxpayers like myself.  Be honest with yourself!  What if this
was done to you or a family member.  It is high time for residents to take their head out of the sand as to what goes on in this town and is allowed until you are officially caught.
Results of Legere False Report to DHHS

So once again, as my lawyer and I fully expected my appeal to the Board of Appeals was denied.  Their reasoning is ludicrous, as they continually claim my trailer is a
structure.  If that is the case then every trailer, RV and anything needs to be declared a structure too.  What makes a trailer or anything a similar a structure.  This only occurs
when the axles and tires have been removed and it is skirted and/or AFFIXED TO A FOUNDATION.  Isn't it amazing that year after year the town continues to take my money
when I go in an REGISTER my trailer AS A MOTOR VEHICLE.  

And of course Betty LeGoof was there but this time her side kick, her husband Roger L. LeGoof was there as Betty is no a selectman and couldn't participate as she would
have like to with her personal vendetta.  Her personal vendetta is based on information her father-in-law told me, information that both Betty and I wish I didn't know.  Roger H.
LeGoff needs to stop running his mouth about everyone in town, especially his own family.  Trust me Betty - I wish I didn't know what your father-in-law told me and your
mother-in-law for that matter.  I was always taught what goes on at home, stays at home.  Perhaps your family should practice that as well.  I would never speak ill of my family -

Now for the Board of Appeals.   There should be a "Wall of Shame" in this town and trust me there would be many, many names and all of them serve on Boards, are
employees or so-called Officials for the Dirty Little Town of Denmark.

So who was in attendance?  Well of course the "Concerned Citizens" and as Amy Imdieke has stated there are six of them.  They were all there but one - yes, Ralph Sarty
decided to sit it out and sent his wife instead who went all the way back to an accident in 1989, at the intersection where my business isn't even located.  Really 1989 that is all
you got!!!   
What about something that may have happened in the 1950's???  I couldn't help but make a snide comment at her.  Judy you are certainly reaching.  

Here is a comment from Amy Imdieke from her Facebook

Amy I couldn't agree more with your comments, but if that is truly how you believe, why then did you play right into their hands and vote my TRAILER is a structure when it clealy
is not.  You have now joined this group.  I have better names than the "Concerned Citizens", like the sh#t six, slick six, slimy six, smarmy six.  Let's start a contest to call them
what they really are and it is so far from "Concerned Citizens"

Then there was Melanie Lewis who came to my property independent of the BOA and I am not even sure that was legal????  She allowed herself to clearly be intimidated to
agree with the other member that this a structure and when she came to my property she stated this is clearly not a structure.  We have a problem in this town of people
maintaining backbones if they ever had one.

Then the best of all was the Libertarian Michael Eric Berube who appears to only uphold that ideology when it is convenient or affects him.  His Facebook is full of insults to
people who support Trump - what's that all about Mr. Libertarian?  You have one hell of a nerve to insult anyone for their beliefs or their ideology, even if it differs from yours.  
Have you forgotten you wore the uniform so that we could ALL have freedoms in this country.  So sorry but I was taught that from someone who wore the uniform, was shot
down, injured and a POW for 2 years - so I think my father's view is much more qualified than yours - that freedoms and beliefs are afforded to all in this country.

Now Mr. Michael Berube has resorted to name-calling because I asserted my right to request a "reconsideration" which is permitted by our town ordinances.  Unprofessional - I
think so?  
Click the link to see excerpts from email exchange.  

Then best of all was Dick Tabor, who was literally hostile towards me during this meeting and I finally had quite enough and challenged him on it and he basically agreed.  I
have it all recorded.  Funny thing is his brother is an abutter and he should have been recused on that alone, but the BOA failed to do what was right here.

More of TRAILER vs structure or Fixture vs. Chattel.  Look it up if you don't understand.  Fixture is attached to the real estate and goes with the land when ownership is
transferred.  Chattel is personal property that you own independent of the real estate and can be sold at any time without affecting the properties value or violating any laws.  
This would be a registered motor vehicle which according to the state and the Town of Denmark my trailer certainly is.  Other things that would make my trailer a "structure" is if
the axles and/or wheels were removed, it was AFFIXED to a FOUNDATION and/or skirted.  None of those apply to my road worthy, registered motor vehicle per the State of
Maine.  It is free to be moved as necessary, while that can not be said of structures.  

That brings to mind another ridiculous argument brought up by Roger L. LeGoff was the fact that I moved my house.  Well I did and  his father made a big chunk of change in
that endeavor, which took 2-3 weeks.  It was so much more than just hooking it up to Roger H LeGoff's dump truck and driving it town the road.  It took lifting my house off it's
FOUNDATION slowly with irons and a lot of prep work was involved before and after.  Talk about comparing apples to oranges!  Way off base but he usually is in my opinion.
This STRUCTURE is obviously AFFIXED to the foundation
with basement below.
Please click on this link for further designations of how to determine structure vs.trailer.
This registered motor vehicle (trailer) has wheels, axles, is
road worthy, source for potable water, towing tongue and
storage container for gray water.
Roger LeGoff at Poland Springs public hearing making false statement that I
threatened to sue Poland Springs Water.  Says he was told this by his father Roger
H. LeGoff, a contractor I hired to do substantial work over the years at a substantial
expense to me.

How many of you can think of many other businesses allowed to operate without any permitting, such as lawnmower repair & sales or how
about yards with numerous junk vehicles that have become nothing more than planters and yet NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT THESE
I do wonder how many Denmark taxpayer realize the town is
paying 2 attorneys now to prove my registered motor vehicle
(trailer) is a structure.  No matter how you slice it the State of
Maine sees it a trailer.  LOL!
No need for me to say LIAR, LIAR when the inspector noted I was not even open
on 6/16/16 and note date of false malicious complaint which is 5/26/16.  Go ahead
Town of Denmark and it's residents - keep making excuses for abhorrent
behavior!!!!  This what your tax dollars are paying for when town employees are
on the clock!!
Definition of fixed:  
1. fastened, attached, or placed so as to be firm
and not readily movable; firmly implanted;
stationary; rigid.
or if that is not enough try this description:
(Securely placed), adjective anchored, certus,
fast, fastened, firm, firmly established, firmly
implanted, firmly seated, firmly set, immovable,
irremovable, made fast, permanent, rendered
stable, rigid, secure, set, solid, sound, stable,
steadfast, steady, tethered, tight

Even better:
Burton's Legal Thesaurus, 4E. Copyright © 2007
by William C. Burton. Used with permission of The
McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
SITUS. Situation;, location. 5 Pet. R. 524.
Real estate has always a fixed situs, while
personal estate has no such fixed situs;
law rei site regulates real but not the personal
estate. Story, Confl. of Laws, Sec. 3

In other words should I sell my property the
trailer is not real estate but personal
Other considerations in STRUCTURE VS. TRAILER

1.  It is a registered motor vehicle as determined by
the State of Maine and by Chery Booker herself who
was the first to register it in 2014.

2.  No permanent source of electric and/or water.
    How many structure do you know of that have
    water supplied by a hose or portable tank, which
    my trailer does?
3.  It has no permanent hook up to electric utilities,
    instead power is supplied by an extension cord
    and/or generator as any camper or RV would be.
4.   It has it's own gray water storage and is not
     connected to a septic.
5.   It is not skirted or AFFIXED to any foundation nor
  does it have a slab beneath it.  All of these things
  are found with mobile homes that might be
  considered a structure.
6.   The wheels and axles are still in place and the
   vehicle is road worthy as I intended to be.
7.   It is licensed and inspected by the State of Maine
  as a "mobile eating place" and fits all their criteria
  as it does the Maine statute for "Mobile Eating
  Places".  Look it up under Maine Statutes.
What I find particularly appealing about hiring local Denmark contractors is after they collect substantial monies from you and "say" they appreciate you business they go out and
spout lies and fabrications.  You know who and what I mean, some of these locals you would swear are the town criers.  This is what happened with my excavator when he lied and
told his son, another local contractor, who thankfully I never hired, that I told him I was going to sue Poland Springs Water.  I never said such a thing but that did not stop his son
from lying at the Poland Springs hearing publicly stating such a ludicrous statement.  Furthermore my only concern during the fall of 2016 was why Poland Springs water was not
reducing their extraction levels when so many of us in Denmark had wells going dry and had no water.  I will say that Poland Spring Water, who always says they are a good
neighbor never did one thing for one of us without water that I am aware of - now that is a great neighbor for you.

I am however, grateful to that local excavator who did let me know that CEO Lee was serving NOV's to only a select few. The question he said to pose to the town and Lee was what
about all those other violations that are never addressed that should be.  Good point!  I guess I should be grateful for that after giving him boatloads of business and money since
2008.  I am sure you all remember my house moving, seemed like half the town was here watching.
Roger L Legoff cracked me up at the BOA meeting where he compared moving my house, which is a structure, with moving my ice cream trailer aka mobile eating
place.  What an i_i*ot, in my opinion.  Speaking of opinions has anyone seen this publicly available review - check it out -
click the link!  LMAO!!!  Crying - really!!!
Let's make construction 101 simple enough for everyone, even the slick six, the Planning Board and even those on the Board of Appeals.  
Remember the children's nursery rhyme "Wheels on the Bus".  We have adjusted the lyrics a bit to apply.  Now will this work on a structure - not
that I know of.  If you refer to my house moving it needed to be moved by LeGoff Excavation not under it's own power as my trailer does when a
vehicle is attached as with all trailers.

Actually it was my neighbor who laughingly pointed this out when we were discussing this ridiculous agrument by the Town of Denmark officials,
boards and employees.

Speaking of which I learned yesterday CEO Lee's hours have been cut.  Bet there was a lot of wah, wah, wah coming from Lee - what's the matter
Mike less time to harass only certain people in the town???  Those hours were out of control - what took so long Mr. Town Manager???

The wheels on the trailer go round and round.
round and round.
round and round.
The wheels on the trailer go round and round,
all through the town!
The horn on the truck goes beep, beep, beep.
beep, beep beep.
beep, beep, beep.
The horn on the truck goes beep, beep, beep.
all through the town!
The wipers on the truck go swish, swish, swish.
swish, swish, swish.
swish, swish, swish.
The wipers on the truck go swish, swish, swish,
all through the town!
The signals on the trailer go blink, blink, blink.
blink, blink, blink.
blink, blink, blink.
The signals on the trailer go blink, blink, blink,
all through the town!
The motor on the truck goes zoom, zoom, zoom.
zoom, zoom, zoom.
zoom, zoom, zoom.
The motor on the truck goes zoom, zoom, zoom,
all through the town!
The CEO of Denmark goes waa, waa, waa.
waa, waa, waa.
waa, waa, waa.
The babies on the Board of Appeals go waa, waa, waa.
waa, waa, waa.
waa, waa, waa.
The babies on the Planning Board go waa, waa, waa,
all through the town!
The "Slick Six"
go waa, waa, waa.
waa, waa, waa.
waa, waa, waa.
all through the town!
The lawyers on the case go shh, shh, shh.
shh, shh, shh.
shh, shh, shh.
The lawyers on the case go shh, shh, shh,
all through the town!
Now while this is not a trick question for most of us, but it apparently is
for the Denmark CEO Lee, the Planning Board and the Board of

What does the image below (hint:  it is license plate) usually get
attached to?

  A.  A structure affixed to a foundation or similar (example: mobile
home with wheels and axles removed)

  B.  A registered motor vehicle with the State of Maine such as a

You win gold star sticker if you answered B a registered motor vehicle.  
How many of you have had to have a license plate attached to your
structures? I will go out on a limb here and say NO ONE!!