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Denmark, Maine 04022
Denmark Stage Stop House
The Denmark Stage Stop located on a very private equestrian estate, offers
year round lodging accommodations.  We are the perfect location in the heart
of Maine's Lake Region, 1 mile outside of Bridgton Maine, surrounded by
Fryeburg Maine, Naples Maine, Brownfield Maine, Sebago Maine and only 5
miles from Shawnee Peak in Bridgton Maine, which offers great skiing and
snowboarding.  We are a short distance from the White Mountains of New
Hampshire and North Conway, New Hampshire.

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Summer will finally arrived and the rivers, lakes and ponds are coming alive to get ready for a busy, active summer for you and your family or friends!!  New this year -
we have new flooring throughout our units, new queen beds in both our Bridgton Bungalow Cottage and Shawnee Suite, along with new 4K Ultra HD TV's for our guest's
entertainment along with Alexa in every room.  Alexa can be your personal concierge with tips on where to go, music of your choice, weather updates and even jokes -
whatever you want just ask Alexa!!

Our goal at The Denmark Stage Stop House is to do our best to always be one step above whether you choose our 2 bedroom Shawnee Suite (sleeps 6) with full modern
kitchen or our stand alone Bungalow Cottage (sleeps 4) or.  We offer comfortable updated accommodations where details count, from our comfortable bedding with
heated mattress pads and blankets for our winter guests, a welcome gift basket with local products such as Maine made jellies, farm fresh eggs and more.  Just because
you are in Maine it doesn’t always mean you need to stay in accommodations that may be just a little too rustic.  We have the perfect accommodations whether you are
traveling on your own, a couple looking for the perfect getaway or a group of friends and family.

Upon arrival you will find a couple of amazing handmade chocolate truffle confections at your bedside from our local chocolatier the Bavarian Chocolate Haus in
Bridgton Maine to welcome you – very few guests have waited until bedtime to try these amazing chocolates.

We offer terry spa robes and hair towels for our guests, private baths in all our accommodations and a digital copy of our very own local paper The Bridgton News where
you can see all the local events going on during your time with us.  Our bathrooms offer an electric fireplace for added warmth and ambiance while soaking in our antique
clawfoot tubs.

The Denmark Stage Stop even has a local massage therapist (additional fees apply) that will come to you to soothe away those tired, achy muscles after a full day of
skiing, hiking, swimming or the stresses from your everyday life at home.  While we are not a “true” bed and breakfast” we come close while offering you the privacy of
your own vacation accommodations that you don’t find in a B&B.  We want your “Maine Experience” to be more than simply a place to stay.  See our reviews for what
our guests say, including a wise well traveled owl.
                                             Social Distance and Enjoy the Outdoors at The Denmark Stage Stop House in Denmark Maine!

First and foremost we need our repeat guests and our new guests that we are only accepting direct bookings during the Covid 19 crisis.  At this time we will not be
honoring or taking any reservations that were booked through 3rd party booking sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, and others.  We believe now it
is important that we have direct contact with our incoming guests, at least through the fall and then we will revisit to see how things go from there.  

If you have booked through a 3rd party please request a cancellation through that 3rd party based on Covid 19 and they will fully refund you for your reservation
through certain dates.  Once this is done please contact us to confirm you would like to keep your reservation in place.

We realize many of you, like myself are filled with uncertainty along with some fear of Covid 19.  Contact me directly at 207-256-4422 or so I may answer any questions you may have directly.
Lodging and Vacation Accommodations in the Denmark Maine
and Bridgton Maine Area
We would love to hear from you if you would like additional information.  Please do not hesitate to call or email us anytime.
We are very proud to have received over 200+ Five Star Reviews from our guests.  See our reviews on Google, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, VRBO, Expedia
and more.  We have also received TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence 2 years in a row for 2018 & 2019 for our Bridgton Bungalow Cottage and
our Shawnee accommodations along with Airbnb's Superhost award.
Deep Trekking Through All This Snow
We now have a new referral program - if you have stayed with us previously refer a friend and your friend will receive a $25.00 discount on their
stay and you will receive a $25.00 discount on your next stay with us.  Bookings must be made directly with the Denmark Stage Stop House.
Social Distance on 7-acres in Denmark Maine
Hot Shot enjoying his daily meal of lots of lush grass

Denmark Stage Stop

My title page contents
Marsha must approve of our
accommodations as Marsha has
taken up residence here year
after year and keeps her head
poked out for the entire day.  
Any bird that approaches her
home is quickly attacked and
guest's named Marsha with her
accommodations as Marsha has
children.  Marsha lives in one of
children.  Marsha lives in one of
surrounded by Sweet Peas,
Phlox and Hydrangea.  Marsha
hasn't left us any reviews yet
hasn't left us any reviews yet
in Denmark
Dog Friendly
Time to go home too cold out here
Fall Colors Surround The Denmark Stage Stop House
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Shawnee Suite

Bridgton Bungalow Cottage
Denmark Stage Stop House Winter View Pleasant Mountian Shawnee Peak
We have added Alexa for the convenience and fun for our guests to all rooms including bedrooms and bathrooms. Alexa can do things like
turn the heat up or down for you, turn a lamp on or off, turn on or off the TV, play streaming music, even sing you a song or play a game with
you.  She is also there to answer any questions you may have about your stay such as where things are in the unit or where a restaurant, gas
station or store is.  For those guests that don't want Alexa simply turn her off or even unplug her.

If you want to know a little bit about Alexa and her wealth of knowledge check out the link below.
Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Alexa
Denmark Stage Stop House Sparkling Clean Accommodations
Updated and Fresh Bridgton Bungalow Cottage
Large Private Baths
In addition, if you are not already a member of Airbnb, you can sign up and use a travel credit for your next booking through Airbnb only.
Use our referral code by clicking here for the link when you sign up for Airbnb and earn up to $30.00 off your next booking.
Evening at the Bridgton Bungalow Cottage_Deck and Pergola
Morning Cofee or dinner on Bridgton Bungalow Deck
Private yard at the Denmark Stage Stop Shawnee Suite
TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence at the Denmark Stag Stop House
We Work Hard For Our Guests
Easy to practice "Social
Distancing" at the
Denmark Stage Stop
whether you are a solo
traveler looking for
some private getaway
time, family or a group
of friends looking for
a relaxing and fun stay.
Shawnee Suite Private Backyard for our Shawnee Guests
June Peonies and Beach Roses in Full Bloom
Dog Water Fountain Garden
TripAdvisor Certficate of Excellence
Antique Clawfoot Soaking Tub In All Lodging Accommodations At Denmark Stage Stop House

Beyond it simply being the right thing to do it is important to protect my own health, the health of employees, safety and well-being to carry out these extreme measures
during COVID-19 and being in the unique position of having owned a quarantine facility for horses, I am grateful for that experience to help getting through the COVID-
19 crisis.  Click on above link for further information.

Also see what I do when out and about in the COVID-19 world, which is very easy for everyone to do to protect yourself - the little things no one thinks of.

Am I scared?  Of course I am but I am employing all I learned during the many years I owned and operated, and managed a quarantine facility for horses our guests
safety!!!  All staff have been trained in these necessary procedures.  Bacteria and viruses and pathogens in general behave the same way, no matter the species.

We want our guests to know during this time where concern regarding Covid 19 are first and foremost on everyone's mind that we take your safety and health as
important as we take our own.  Bottom line is that if our guests are not safe that means we are not either.  Neither myself nor my housekeeper wants to contract Covid 19
anymore than our guests do.

This is where my prior experience as an owner of a quarantine facility for horses for many years works to benefit us and our guests.  I have many years of unique
experience owning a licensed and approved quarantine facility working under the auspices of the USDA.  Honestly I never thought I would ever need to fall back on this
experience but here we are in a situation we never thought we would find ourselves in.  Although my experience is with quarantining horses, bacteria, viruses etc., work
the same in all species as far as making premises safe from pathogens.  I quarantined the show horses coming into the United States from overseas to ascertain those
horses were not bringing unexpected pathogens into the U.S. before being allowed out into the general population.

So this is what we are doing to protect everyone's safety.

We block off accommodations for 3 days after each guest.  We were doing this long before Airbnb or anyone else mentioned this was a recommended practice.  In fact, I
made this suggestion to Airbnb.  This gives the pathogen the time for it to become less viable.  

Our rates have increased to account for the days our accommodations remain unoccupied, the increased expense of quality cleaning products, the additional cleaning
supplies, etc.  You can most likely find cheaper accommodations but ask yourself how they clean and prepare premises correctly when their rates wouldn't cover the
expenses when cleaning is done thoroughly and properly.  You have to choose your battles and safety vs. cost.  As soon as this crisis is truly over I will be the first one
who lowers these rates meaning we may go back to how it was before but I don't see that as being likely anytime in the near future.

We use a 3 step cleaning procedure and only enter the premises ourselves after the 3 days have elapsed.
#1 – we use a surgical soap and water solution to clean all surfaces initially.
#2 – we then use an approved virucide to clean all surfaces.  This virucide requires it be left in place for 5-10 minutes, which is followed by wiping down the surfaces.
#3 – we go through another cleaning process using a 99.9% alcohol solution.  Note:  99.9% alcohol kills viruses after 30 seconds of contact time compared to bleach which
requires 5 minutes of contact time.
#4 – we invested in a UV sanitizing device to insure we have caught all those bugs!!

Instead of 2-3 hour window for cleaning our cleaning process now takes 6-8 hours after each and every guest.  Again I don't want to be infected with Covid anymore than
you do and I can't afford to be or I am out of business longer than I already have been.  Even prior to this our guests noted in our reviews at just how clean our
accommodations are.

so.  Ask them what products they are using - then ask me the same.  I am in a unique position having owned, operated and managed a quarantine facility for many years.
While it was for horses the measures to take are the same.

Other notes on cleaning processes.
Laundered items will follow a very strict protocol of being washed in the highest temperature possible using bleach to launder.  This means our towels and sheets that
we spent considerable money for may no longer look their best after many washings in bleach, but so be it.  Please do not complain if you see bleach stains or when our
colored items become not so colorful anymore, which is a small price to pay for safety.  You can be sure they are clean.

All accommodations will be provided with ample soap and hand sanitizer.  We ask that you rely on proper washing of your hands with soap and water as much as
possible and only use the hand sanitizer when absolutely needed.  If any guests remove the hand sanitizer from the accommodations or uses it to empty into your own
container – YOU WILL BE CHARGED $100.00 FOR DOING SO!!  We need to not only protect you, but my staff and every guest that follows.  Trust me I am not being
mean, but we all know human nature in times like these (some humans anyway!)

While we do apologize for some of these inconveniences and the increased price we do hope that everyone can see the sense in what we are doing to protect everyone.  I
know some of these steps are drastic and they are meant to be so.

We have put Alexa to work for our guests so instead of touching each and every object, although they have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, just ask Alexa to turn
on that light or turn off the TV, etc.  Of course, you can always use the traditional was of turning things on/off but this is just an extra measure for those wishing to utilize

We will not be interacting with any guests at any time unless something is vital, like something important needs repair.  We keep everything in good working order so
we hope this does not occur but we will address it, if need be.  Our guests have self check-in so there is no need to formally check-in with us – just text us that you have
arrived please.  Also, let us know when you have departed, Check-in time is now 6:00 PM and check-out is 11:00 AM.  You may of course contact me anytime via
text/phone/email and Alexa and I will respond ASAP, but I may be in area with no cell or data as it can be sporadic based upon location in Maine, but will respond.  
You do have WiFi on the property so that is not an issue here.

While we do apologize for some of these inconveniences and the increased price we do hope that everyone can see the sense in what we are doing to protect everyone.  I
know some of these steps are drastic and they are meant to be so.
Social Distancing is a breeze at the Denmark Stage Stop House in Denmark Maine
Social Distancing is a breeze at the Denmark Stage Stop House