Denmark Stage Stop House
4 Seasons of Beauty & Peaceful Surroundings
No matter what season you visit us at The Denmark Stage Stop House our grounds have something to offer, from fantastic winter views
to amazing summer gardens and of course the spectacular Fall foliage.  We have shared our Everlasting Sweet Peas with many guests.  If
you visit and enjoy Perennial Everlasting Sweet Peas as much as we do, we may even send you some seeds from our fall harvest, for you
to plant in your own garden next year.  Beyond our Everlasting Sweet Peas we have old fashioned nasturtium, roses, clematis and many
other varieties of flowers for your enjoyment.

If you visit during the late spring, summer and early fall, please feel free to pick your own fresh vegetables from our vegetable garden to
enjoy with your meals.  We also have herb gardens offering differing varieties of fresh basil, French Tarragon, chervil, parsley, thyme,
oregano, dill, corianders, cilantro and more.  No mater where you are on our property you will have a view of a garden or 2 and of
course our horses at home in their pastures.  Oh yes and come fall help yourself to apples from our apple trees throughout the property.  
Black & red raspberries can be found at various times throughout the summer as well.