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Introducing Alexa - Your in-house concierge!
After adding a couple of Amazon Echo devices to our home, ( better known as just Alexa! ), it was decided to introduce
Alexa to our Denmark Maine lodging accommodations for our guests.  For starters we realize not everyone is comfortable
with Alexa (yet), so for those guests you may simply turn her off or unplug her completely - it is completely up to our
individual guests.

After introducing Alexa into our accommodations during the early winter of 2019, we have had zero complaints and so
many, "We are buying Alexa when we get home!".  More than the added conveniences Alexa offers, our guests continually
comment on just how much fun Alexa is and our guests children echo that same sentiment.  Alexa can act as your in-house
concierge when you ask her questions like, "Alexa, where is the closest Italian Restaurant" or "Alexa, where is the closest
grocery store, gas station, liquor store, etc."  95% of the time Alexa knows just where that is.

To dispel a myth about Alexa and that she is always listening.  Alexa, will only listen and respond when you use the
"wake" word "Alexa" and then it is only while you ask her your question - after that she moves on and has no interest in
your private conversations.  We just hope no one in your party has the name "Alexa", which has not happened yet but I
imagine that could tire our "Alexa" very quickly.

Here is a list of some other things Alexa will do for you during your stay:

    Alexa will be your alarm clock, should you desire one.  Do you want to take a nap for 45 minutes - just tell Alexa and
    she will wake you when needed.

     Need to know what time it is - just ask Alexa - of course, she knows!

    Tell you the weather before you head out for a summer day at the beach or some skiing at Shawnee Peak, to help you
    better prepare for your day.  If you are heading out to Mt. Washington and the Mount Washington Auto Road, Alexa
    will tell you the weather and temperature at the summit.

    Do you like White Noise to fall asleep with?  Alexa will do that too or if you prefer ocean sounds, thunderstorms,
    whatever you prefer just ask Alexa!

    Ask her your favorite sports team scores - Alexa knows!

    Tell you children jokes, sing them a song, play games with them or tell them educational facts - Alexa can entertain
    your kids for hours and has. We even had one little girl that would tell Alexa repeatedly, "Alexa, I love you" and Alexa
    would respond in kind.  She loved Alexa because no matter what song she would ask for Alexa would comply, so she
    could dance and sing away.

    Alexa loves playing music for our guests, whatever song title, artist, genre or even your favorite SiriusXM station, just
    ask and Alexa has you covered, no matter what you ask to fit your mood.

    Alexa will turn the lights on and off, change the color of the lights to fit your mood!  Need a calming color ask her to
    change the light color to blue!  You can then ask her to change the color to green, the color of nature or yellow, said
    to be a color that enhances your mood.  Are the lights too bright?  Ask Alexa to dim the lights - just say, "Alexa, dim
    the lights 50% or whatever you like.  Want the lights white again - just tell Alexa!!

    Need the heat up when you are all comfy cozy as you sit there and watch TV or movies, just tell Alexa to do it for you.
    By the way, Alexa will turn the TV on or off, simply by asking her to do so.

     As one guest told us, her husband just loved Alexa and would get one for their home, because after playing with Alexa
     at the Denmark Stage Stop House, her husband realized he would never have to get out of his chair again.  Well,
     fortunately that is not exactly true because if you want to eat, Alexa can not cook meals - yet anyway!

     This winter we decided to add some game boards that Alexa either plays with you or enhances the experience.
     To see what games we offer that include Alexa, click this link!  
Board games and Alexa for our Denmark Stage Stop
     guests.  Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with friends and family, join Alexa for game night!
     There is just so much more Alexa can do but that would require a website dedicated to just Alexa.  To see what else
     Alexa can do for you during your stay see our printed copy of the Denmark Stage Stop House Guidebook located in
     your accommodations.

See our pdf of the "The Ultimate List of Things Your Kids Can Ask Amazon Alexa

     We truly hope our guests have fun with Alexa but as I mentioned if you don't want Alexa - turn her off or unplug her!