We have fun providing our guests with some great amenities and products to use while they are our guests at the Denmark Stage Stop
House in Denmark Maine.  Amazon is our go to place for great products.  We are asked so often where a guest may this that or the other
thing we provide, so we are going to make it easy for our guests by providing links in case they forgot the information or lost that little piece
of paper with the information they needed.

Below you will find direct links to purchase many of those great and often asked for products and amenities, so you can have the same at
home or gift to family and friends!  We only link products that meet with our approval and our guests rave reviews!  If it didn't pass our test
or our guest's test you won't find it here.
Always Dog Friendly
Denmark, Maine 04022
Denmark Stage Stop House
Links to out guests favorite products and where to purchase for yourself
or as a gift!
Hands down the most asked about product
at the Denmark Stage Stop House - the
infamous heated toilet seat! Click on the
clink to purchase directly through Amazon
for a surprisingly low price.
A very close runner up to our heated toilet seats
is ALEXA on Amazon Echo.  Even those guests
that where somewhat hesitant about Alexa due to
the many myths about her learned to absolutely
love Alexa and the kids can't get enough of her.

Alexa will turn on your TV, lights, tell you jokes,
sing songs, play whatever music you like and so
much more and all you have to do is ask.

A recent guest whose husband was not at all
knowledgeable or comfortable with anything do
to with technology fell in love.  His wife told us,
"If Alexa keeps turning things on and off he's
never going to have to leave his chair again".

No doubt they will be buying an Amazon Echo or
two when they leave!

With Alexa you can control the thermostat, adjust
the lighting, set a timer and most recently create
some great Routines.  Use Alexa as an intercom in
your house is another neat trick Alexa does for
While we love our Amazon Alexa Echo Dots,
we upgraded some of the Echo Dots to the
All-new Echo (3rd Gen)- Smart speaker with
Alexa.  The sound coming from the Echo
Dots was acceptable and did work in stereo
when you paired 2 devices, but the sound
from this speaker is amazing and you can
choose your colors, red, blue, black, gray
and more.  Pair with a second Echo (3rd
Gen) speaker for great stereo sound and
ask Alexa for a song, artist or genre from
Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify,
Pandora, SiriusXM, however some of these
will require a subscription.

The great sound doesn't stop there as Alexa
responds to the same commands as the
Echo Dot.

Premium speakers powered by Dolby to play
360° audio with crisp vocals and dynamic
bass response.
Guests in our "Shawnee" are absolutely loving our new you no
longer need the remote anymore - just ask Alexa!  4K Ultra HD
Smart LED HDR Fire TV that is now controlled Choose a 43" or
50" TV.

Voice Remote with Alexa - Everything you'd expect from a
remote - plus launch apps, search for TV shows, switch inputs,
control smart home devices and more, using just your voice.
With Prime Video, Netflix, HBO and PlayStation Vue buttons,
instantly access your favorite apps.
Cowboys favorite products from Amazon Pet Supplies
As seen in our
Bridgton Bungalow
Cottage at the
Denmark Stage Stop
As seen in our Shawnee
Accommodations at the
Denmark Stage Stop House
Alexa Powered Board Games for Game Night with Family & Friends

The same fun games you played while staying at the Denmark Stage Stop House in
Denmark Maine!!
We have A LOT of ironing to do
here at the Denmark Stage Stop
House and this item proved to
be a real time saver, whether
you have a ton of ironing like
we do or you just need to iron
for yourself and your family.