Denmark Stage Stop House
Weddings & Event Rentals
Now here is the not so fun stuff but very important information nonetheless.

Please Note:  Equipment and catering companies often require six months notice or more.

We are a space only venue.  You must provide caterers and set up & clean up crew, etc.

$1,000.00 Event rental

We allow you 3 days consecutively, giving you a comfortable time frame to set-up, decorate, clean-up and most
importantly celebrate the most important and special day of your life.  Most often this occurs from Friday to Sunday
afternoon.  We allow 6 hours for the actual celebration, whether is the ceremony and reception or just the reception
and all events must end no later than 10:00 PM.  This does not include the set-up and clean-up time.

A $500.00 deposit is required at the time of the reservation (non-refundable).
Balance due a month in advance of event.

$500.00 minimum refundable damage deposit fee (refundable if no damage incurred beyond normal and              
expected wear and tear and complete clean-up is done per agreement.

All alcohol beverages, whether supplied by wedding party (renters) or purchased by guests on property shall only be
permitted by licensed caterer with an off premised permit granted by The State of Maine.  

Caterers must be licensed and insured.
Alcohol must be served by insured bartenders.

We strictly adhere to responsible consumption of alcohol by all guests on our property.  We realize that a wedding is
happy fun event that would forever be ruined by an unfortunate event resulting from over consumption of alcohol at
your event.

No overly intoxicated guests.  It is up to the party renting the premises to oversee that no guests are overly
intoxicated.  This policy is strictly adhered to for the protection of all.  No intoxicated guests should be permitted to
have access to any motor vehicle.  We recommend that all keys are collected as guests arrive and only returned to
guests not driving under the influence.  For this reason we recommend that you provide transportation or have
designated drivers to prevent guests from driving intoxicated endangering members of the public on public roads.  
Should we suspect guests are driving off the property under the influence we will not hesitate to contact the proper
authorities.  The reasons for this are obvious as it could be your family members on the road at that time.  For parties of
75 or more a security guard must be hired by the rental party to oversee this and other of areas of concern.  Being
responsible where all parties are concerned protects everyone!

No more than 100 guests at any event without prior permission from The Denmark Stage Stop House.

All guest under the age of 18 shall be strictly supervised by rental party, parents and/or guardian(s).

No guests of your event under the age of 21 may be served any alcoholic products or beverages under any
circumstances per Maine Law and good common sense.

The use of outdoor open fires or camp fires is prohibited without prior permission.

No smoking is permitted within 100 feet of barn or buildings.

No fireworks in any form permitted.

All events must end by 10PM

Renters are responsible for collecting and removing trash from the property.

No entry into barn or contact with the horses are permitted under any circumstances.

A certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 and naming The Denmark Stage Stop House as additional
insured is required before the use of the facility by caterers or other businesses. A copy of this insurance policy is due
30 days prior to your event. Failure to send a copy of the policy within 30 days without prior arrangements will result in
the cancellation of your event and the forfeiture of your deposit money.

The renting party will hold The Denmark Stage Stop House and its employees free from any liability or claim for
damages or suit for or because of any injuries to any person or property of any kind and from any cause arising out of
the use and occupation of the premises by the renting party; and the renting party hereby covenants and agrees to
indemnify and hold harmless The Denmark Stage Stop House and its employees from all liability or damage on
account of or by reason of any such injuries and/or damage.

Parking is only allowed in designated areas. A map will be sent to you prior to the event so that you may direct guests
to these areas.

Click here for an overview of the contract you will enter into with us should you decide to rent our premises for your
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Are you looking for the perfect affordable venue for your wedding in the Denmark
and Bridgton Maine area?  Whether you are planning a wedding, anniversary,
family reunion, company outing, birthday party, etc., our property provides an ideal,
low cost affordable venue for your guests and for those memories, that will last for
years to come. Available late spring, summer and fall. This is perfect for the DIY
bride and groom ready to tie the knot, against the backdrop of a farm that is over 2
centuries old, built in 1805.

We do not provide tents and/or catering services, but will happy to help you find the
services you require to make your event memorable. We do have a 2-bedroom
suite apartment available for guests that will house up to six occupants and an
additional guesthouse that will house up to four guests that will serve perfectly for
the bridal suite and/or groom's quarters. Two day minimal rental on housing units.

If you on a very tight budget but still want a fabulous wedding – this is your answer.  
Finding a great wedding venue with a limited budget can be tricky. It really makes
no sense to go deeply in debt for your wedding celebration when you have so
much to plan in the years to come, such as buying a home, children and all that
comes with your new life together.
If you want ice cream treats to be part of any celebration we even have our
Stage Stop Mobile Ice Cream available to serve those special treats at your
event. Price depends on the number of people attending your event and
what ice cream deserts you would like available to your guests.  Just ask us
for more details on Stage Stop Ice Cream!!